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About the Original Pawn Sharing Club

This club works both ways: we hire your pawns, you hire ours. This is meant to be an active pool of players, where you are visible from time to time, letting the rest of us know what RC/items and knowledge you got from us, with whom you are travelling, etc. Your pawn may not get many hires if you only promote your pawn once.

Return hires are appreciated but there is no obligation to return a hire if their pawn is not suitable for your current party/level. Players may send your pawn back with large amounts of RC. There is no requirement to try and match this amount should you return the rent. A hire, nice rating and any amount of rc is appreciated.

The best way to get hires is by hiring others and by being active in the current club topic OPSC Thread #1 at GameFAQs. Introducing yourself and your pawn(s) is a good start!

Adding Your Pawn to The Club List

If you want to become a member of the club, Sign up and add your pawn to the list by following the instructions.


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